Patriot LeasingFAQ's

What are your hours of operation?

Open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (EST). Appointments may be arranged ahead of time for after hours.

Where are you located?

11995 Dechell Drive  |  New Haven, IN 46774


Can I talk to someone after hours?

Yes, you can call 260-341-1311.

What kind of trucks do you lease?

We specialize in equipment for the refuse industry, including roll-offs and front, side, and rear loaders. We also offer a broad assortment of Cab & Chassis Trucks, Tractors, Sleepers, Dump Trucks, Trailers, and Containers. Our inventory consists of new equipment and good used equipment. 

Truck Inventory

What kind of trucks/trailers does Patriot lease?

We currently Lease Tandem, Tri & Quad Axle Roll-off Trucks, Hooklifts, Tractors, Rear Loaders, Front Loaders, Side Loaders and Roll-off Trailers and Industrial Containers. 


Does Patriot Truck Leasing of Indiana, LLC lease trailers?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of specialized trailers including both Aluminum and Steel Transfer Trailers and Roll-off Trailers.  

Trailer Inventory

What are my delivery/freight options if I lease a truck or trailer?

You can pick up your vehicle or we offer delivering any Truck or trailer that we lease. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Does Patriot Truck Leasing of Indiana, LLC purchase used trucks?

Yes, we continually develop our growing inventory of good used trucks and trailers. We buy single trucks as well as whole fleets.

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Does Patriot Truck Leasing of Indiana, LLC purchase used vehicles?

Yes, we continually develop our growing inventory.

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Does Patriot Truck Leasing of Indiana, LLC sell trucks?

No, we are a Leasing Company. For truck sales, contact Ruble Truck Sales

On average, how many trucks/trailers are in your inventory?

The number varies throughout the course of the year as we ensure we meet our client's needs. If you have any customized needs, let us know.

Trailer Truck

Can Patriot Truck Leasing of Indiana, LLC assist me in finding a truck/trailer?

Yes, one of our skilled sales agents would be pleased to assist you in finding a truck/trailer matching your needs.  

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How up-to-date is Patriot's web site

Our website is updated and maintained on a regular basis.

How can I get on Patriot's emailing list?

You can sign up for Patriot's email list by clicking here and providing us your email address.

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